Max Earnshaw is a seasoned creator/artist of high-energy rock/pop. His upbeat music with astute lyrics, will stir you up and make you think about what's at stake. Max’s sound is full of driving rock instruments with surprising rhythmic off beats. Meanwhile, his powerful baritone voice cuts through with catchy melodic hooks that will stay with you long after the gig is over. Supported by blues and jazz influences, his sound is undoubtedly unique and his stage persona has an infectious energy and a captivating look – he will draw you in.

 “They’re clearly having a lot of fun and there is more to being in a band than just the music, it’s the camaraderie and there’s bucket loads of that…These guys are doing amazingly well…They’re definitely going to be ones to watch.”

 Jason Kerrison, Opshop

Judging The Haze winning a TV2 National Band competition. 

Max grew up as a performer and song writer busking on the streets of Christchurch from the age of 8. He went on to perform as a solo artist, in an acoustic duo and as the front man and songwriter he led his band (The Haze) to winning SFRQ awards and the SFRQ Regional Final. He and his band progressed to appearing at major events such as Christmas In The Park, the Rugby World Cup, and the A&P Show. The first cut of The Haze’s “Bound Together” album sold out in three weeks.

"Max Earnshaw is an energetic and lively performer. His tunes are very groovy and fun to dance to"

- Biku Adhikari, Front man of Apollo

After years of playing the Christchurch scene, Max moved to Auckland where he is continuing his musical quest to entertain new audiences and develop his song writing. He is currently a solo artist backed by a full live band. With his band, he can often be found performing his heart out at venues like The Wine Cellar or The Thirsty Dog or alternately crooning solo at bars like Albert’s Post or the Ohakune Powder Keg.

When Max is not immersed in creating and performing his own music, or collaborating with others, he pursues his other passion which is mentoring and teaching young up and coming musicians.

Currently Max is working intensely on his own new songs and on many collaborations. Coming from a background of playing full on rock from an early age he has the ability to grab an audience’s attention, however he still constantly hones the performance aspect of his gigs. 

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